Covid-19 Sanitization of complex industrial environments

Against COVID-19 employers must sanitize all environments, also those industrial environments that may present uncomfortable access.

The sanitization process must take place through careful disinfection aimed at eliminating the possible presence of the pathogen on the surfaces, both inside and outside the premises.

The actual sanitization or disinfection is based on the release of chemical products in order to reduce the presence of pathogens such as bacteria, fungal spores and viruses possibly present on the surfaces in order to ensure a safe environment for human presence.

In the case of contrasting the coronavirus with sanitization, we refer to the more general concept of disinfection, especially when this procedure is carried out outdoors.

SkyRope offers its industrial experience and organization for Covid 19 sanitization operations, with particular reference to those systems in which these issues may relate to workplaces at height or in confined environments.

The approach proposed by SkyRope provides for the preliminary assessment of the access conditions for verifying the existence of the minimum safety conditions, the setting up of suitable temporary fall arrest systems and the adoption of specific procedures and maneuvers for the management of any emergency scenarios.

Emergency Rescue Teams


A fast management on site of Emergency with appropriate intervention techniques will reduce the consequences of an accident and the risks of damage from lack of skill from the rescuers.

SkyRope offers support services to the site HSE structure that, through suitable organizational models, highly qualified tools and skills, ensures the correct management of emergencies scenarios in confined spaces or at height.

Our Rescue Teams are composed of highly qualified professionals (Public Rescue instructors, mountain and cave guides) able to properly handle the initial phases of the recovery operation by providing for the proper  immobilisation and mobilization of the injured within the yard or the industrial environment, guaranteeing a first medical intervention and stabilization, avoiding damage from lack of skills and coordinating with the Public Rescue Service for any subsequent hospitalization.

Supporting the HSE structure for prevention purposes is achieved by involving our technicians in the process of monitoring the work environment, preparation of work permits, verification of individual protection devices and evacuation devices, handling of preliminary toolboxes and editing of daily reports related to unsafe acts and conditions detected and corrective actions suggested.

The presence of a Rescue Team during the works adds the value of a coaching on the job, crucial to ensure effective supervision, operational training of workers, and immediate resolution of specific issues related to execution of works at height and in confined spaces.

Maintenance and inspection services


Rope access techniques lead to  execution of jobs that cannot be performed with the use of traditional techniques and bring a drastic reduction terms in costs while maintaining the highest safety standards.

SkyRope in member operational IRATA and its network is made of highly qualified professionals and state-of-the-art equipment constantly maintained and inspected, in accordance with the industry’s highest regulatory standards.

Rope access techniques minimize interference with other activities and reduce the time needed to close the maintenance stop and programmed works.


SkyRope offers sanitization services, through the use of high quality certified washing and disinfection products for food use and operational assistance aimed at the prevention and management of emergencies for works at height and in confined environments for the Water Cycle.

The updating of the Water Safety Plans provides for the periodic programming of the sanitization activities of the drinking water storage tanks.

Due to the prescriptions for the management of emergencies in confined environments, these activities have undergone a drastic attention, determining possible conditions of deterioration of water storage tanks.

The global approach proposed by SkyRope provides for the preliminary assessment of the access conditions for the verification of the minimum safety conditions, the procedures for the work operations through the preparation of suitable temporary fall arrest systems and the specific procedures and maneuvers for the management of any emergency scenarios.